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We are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of superior-quality mechanical transmission and Engineering products such as Chain coupling, Rotex Coupling, Star Coupling, Tyre Coupling, Nylon Coupling, Flexible Pin bush Coupling, Star Coupling, Gear coupling, Muff Coupling, Rigid Coupling, HRC Coupling, SW Coupling, Resilient or Grid Spring Coupling, Encoder Coupling, BC Series Coupling, and RB Series Coupling. Since our inception, we strive to be the leading and renowned supplier of superior-quality products at the most competitive rates. we are mainly chain coupling manufacturer and supplier of chain coupling, gears & gear coupling exporter in Ahmedabad,  Gujarat, India.

Our Vision

Unbeaten, organized, Transmission Company with powerful leadership in the engineering sector ensuring honesty and Safety.

Our Mission

To provide unbeaten power transmission solution to the world, With the combination of quality with designed marketing and class services at best prices.


Our manufacturing processes conform to the highest standards complying with various international regulations for quality measurement.

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Product Range

In the couplings industry today, Spark Couplings is the top of chain coupling manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gear Coupling Supplier & Exporter in Ahmedabad - India.

Chain Coupling Manufacturer

Coupling chain is a special chain for industrial couplings, which is characterized by the use of a mutual chain, which is concurrently meshed with two parallel sprockets with the same number of teeth.

We, Spark Couplings, have been, for many years, one of the most famous manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of an extensive array of chain couplings in Ahmedabad, India, and many other cities & states. We, mainly Chain Coupling Manufacturer in Ahmedabad are proposing the enhanced quality, superb durability, solid design, and problem free functioning types of coupling products. Spark Couplings offers an extensive range of superior-quality chain couplings & spares that are known for their excellent performance and long life. Chain coupling manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and exporters in India and all over the world offer quality mechanical & engineering chain couplings with the best design.

Gear Coupling Manufacturer

Are you looking for Spark Gear Coupling in India? If yes, Spark Couplings is the ideal destination for you.

Spark Couplings is a proud manufacturer of top-grade gear couplings and spares that are known for delivering or supplying powerful performance for every project. Industrial couplings are designed to meet the most demanding gear coupling, half-gear coupling, full-gear coupling, and rigid coupling duties. All types of flexible gear coupling manufacturers are “entanglement elastic,” providing versatile design and engineers with a choice of flange combination to suit most applications.

Types of gear coupling:

  1. Full Gear Coupling
  2. Half Gear Coupling

We are the foremost manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of couplings:

Get one stop solutions for Coupling Products in India.

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